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We have 40+ years in the business of financing receivables, helping thousands of businesses like yours resolve cash flow issues.



We make the process fast, painless & simple, cutting through the red tape in order to fund new accounts within 24-72 (business) hours.


Instant Credit Approval to Process Funds Faster

Submitting an A/R Aging Report now allows us to rate the trade strength of your customers, and offer basic credit protection.


How Does Factoring Work?

Factoring – more commonly referred to as accounts receivable financing – is easily the fastest way for most businesses to quickly convert frozen assets into liquid capital.

Different from a loan, a factoring transaction occurs when a bank or private company (like Business Factors & Finance) purchases your unpaid invoices at a small discount, providing you with the immediate cash you need in order to grow your business – without incurring new debt or sacrificing equity.

Typical funding can be provided in as little as 24-72 business hours, from the moment you submit your first inquiry online!



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Oil & Gas Financing

Business Factors provides funding for field crews, project consulting, earthmoving, water/mud/frac-fluid hauling, pipeline work, heavy equipment transport, seismic surveying, tank resurfacing and construction, safety consulting, medic and ambulatory services, seismic slashing, landscaping, and sandblasting & painting. In most cases, we can provide funds within 48-72 hours for your next big project.

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Staffing, Labor & Payroll

In the staffing industry, labor providers may have to pay their workforce prior to receipt of payment by clients. Close the cash flow gap using Business Factors & Finance. From general clerical staffing to IT, high tech, engineering, construction and consulting staffing, we offer high advance rates – up to 97% of open accounts receivable – to ensure workforces are paid on time, while compromising very little in the way of margin.

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Freight Factoring

Business Factors & Finance understands the freight, trucking and logistics industries better than most of the competition, and our unique finance offering can help keep trucking companies and owner operators profitable and running smoothly. From container freight, flatbed trucking, heavy equipment haulers, commercial moving companies, water/frac/sand haulers and refrigerated freight to hazardous materials haulers, Business Factors ensures fast, easy cash advance of up to 92-98% of your freight bills and work tickets.

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Seafood Factoring

Running a seafood distribution business requires getting the product to the market fast. But most large clients require long net terms. At the same time, seafood distributors get short terms from their suppliers or must prepay the product, leaving them with little working capital. Seafood factoring is the sale of outstanding invoices or receivables at a discount to a factoring company in exchange for cash. It relies on your clients’ creditworthiness, not your own, and works well for newer companies with a short credit history. Business Factors can help your business-to-business (B2B) company monetize the invoices in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

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Contract Financing

Contract Financing

Contracts, from medical to construction  – whether in the private sector, federal, municipal, state or province level  – can be very lucrative with high margins and reliable payers, but payment can be slow due to bureaucracy and paperwork issues. From the small, work-on-site entrepreneurs to the large national procurement contractors, Business Factors & Finance provides the cash flow to keep ahead of the unpredictable, fluid demand of fulfilling a large contract. Advance rates tend to be in the 80 to 93% range.

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Technology/I.T. Financing

Receivables financing allows for strong cash flow, and our advance rates (up to 96% against all open invoices) simply cannot be beat. Unlike traditional loans with restrictive use covenants, you can use receivable factoring proceeds to re-invest in your business and expand marketing and operations the way you see fit. We fund high-tech manufacturing, technical consulting, IT staffing, engineering consulting, and customer support services.

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Manufacturing Financing

From textile manufacturing, apparel manufacturing, component manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, sheet metal shops, precision machine shops, product assembly, small or large-scale manufacturing, to aerospace manufacturing, we have you covered with the cash flow that you need to compete orders on time. With advance rates up to 92%, Business Factors & Finance is nearly unrivaled in this industry vertical.

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Payroll Funding

When commercial clients are slow to pay, invoice factoring can be used keep up on making timely payroll and expenses. We provide fast 24-48 hour turnaround for last-minute funding requests on existing unpaid commercial invoices (US and Canada). For more challenging, encumbered or complicated funding needs, turnaround is typically 3-4 business days. Fast, reliable cashflow for payroll – at your fingertips; rates as low as 2.19%.

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Telecom Financing

Whether your company specializes in fiber-optics, underground utilities, directional drilling, cell tower construction, cable installation, telecom equipment, or even upgrading wireless networks, Business Factors & Finance is ready to be your financing partner. Expect turnaround of 48-72 (business) hours for new accounts, while established accounts can receive funding within 24 hours of a request for an advance against eligible receivables.

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