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Learn how factoring works

Want to know more about how factoring can benefit your business? Look no further. Factoring, commonly referred to as invoice factoring, is when a factoring company purchases your unpaid invoices or accounts receivables and provides you with the immediate cash you need in order to grow your business without incurring new debt. Typical funding can be provided in as little as 24 hours or less!

Just Some of the Industries We Serve

Oil & Gas Financing

Investing in your refinery or expanding your oil production leads to great returns. However, as a higher risk industry, capital can be difficult to secure. Oil and gas invoice factoring offers financing alternatives in an often slow to pay industry. Expand your oil and gas production with flexible funding on your unpaid invoices with Business Factors.

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Staffing Factoring

In the staffing industry, labor providers may have to pay their workforce prior to getting paid by clients. This cash flow gap can be with instant financing through Business Factors staffing factoring services. This allows staffing companies to receive up to 97.8% of their contract value and get their workforce on to the next event.

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Trucking invoice factoring

Freight Factoring

We understand the freight and trucking industry and we know how financing can help keep trucking companies and owner operators profitable. Choosing the right trucking factoring company is essential to a good freight factoring experience. Business Factors ensures Fast, Easy payment of up to 97.8% of your receivables.

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Agriculture Financing

Running an agriculture business means adapting to changing needs, keeping your equipment up to date and paying your employees on time. That means farmers who are waiting to have their invoices paid can experience tight financial situations. Farm factoring is a financing solution that keeps your agriculture business growing.

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Government Contract Financing

Working on government contracts, whether federal, municipal or state, can be very lucrative. However, these government contracts are often notorious for long payment cycles sometimes past 90 days. GSA factoring helps vendors finance the next project and grow their business without the headaches of long payment terms at as low as 2.19% of your invoice amount.

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IT Financing

Receivables Financing allows for flexible spending. Unlike traditional loans, you can use it to invest in your business the way you see most fit. Financing for IT infrastructure can be tricky, but with IT invoice factoring you can remove the traditional lending barriers and invest in cutting edge business technology fast!

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Manufacturing Financing

Securing capital for equipment purchases and facilities improvements can be difficult. However, if your manufacturing business has invoices that are on net terms of 30, 60 or even 90 days you can use those to make those purchases right away. Manufacturing invoice factoring allows companies to get flexible funding, today!

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Payroll Factoring

Keeping good employees means making sure that they are getting paid on time and providing a good work environment. When clients are slow to pay, AR financing can be used keep up on payroll or even pay bonuses. Business Factors knows the importance of providing a simple financing solution that helps business meet payroll requirements.

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telecom factoring

Telecom Financing

Whether your telecom company specializes in fiber-optics, utilities, cable or wireless networks, Business Factors is ready to be your financing partner. We specialize in getting fast funding for telecommunications projects by helping business get paid fast on past invoices. Learn how factoring can help finance your companies growth.

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