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Our Mission

Experience today’s most customer-focused factoring service

Established in 1999, Business Factors & Finance is run by two of the most reputable companies in the factoring industry — with experience going back well over 40 years. At Business Factors & Finance, we factor an annual average of $900 million.

Work with a local Business Factors & Finance representative

Business Factors & Finance was built to provide financial services that meet the specific needs of small-to-medium sized businesses, all across the U.S. and Canada.

At, our professional representatives practice the following:

  1. Support the needs of local business people with the goal of helping them have the money necessary to operate effectively and grow their businesses.
  2. Provide the highest degree of confidentiality and local service customized to the business’ individual needs.
  3. Operate based on providing quality and value.
  4. Listen to and care about the needs of those we serve.

At, our job is to provide the most inventive financial solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses. We pride ourselves on being innovative, flexible, and passionate about what we do.

Our Mission

“To bring financial stability, growth and success to North American businesses by being the most trusted factoring resource.”

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