Small Business Factoring

Discover the perfect solution for your cash flow troubles

Small Business FactoringWhen your business invoices aren’t paid quickly, it affects your business in many ways. It hinders growth, reduces needed supplies or inventory, affects payroll, can delay payment to your vendors and negatively affect your creditworthiness.

Eliminate cash flow problems forever

Small business factoring from Business Factors can eliminate your cash flow problems — forever. Payments on business loans can leave you high and dry every month. Instead of the hassles and costs of a business loan, you can get immediate cash for your invoices and accounts receivables — no set terms, no monthly payments, and no interest to pay.

Immediately get up to 96% of the amount owed to you

Factoring for small businesses lets you stop worrying about slow-paying customers. With small business invoice factoring, you can get up to 96% of the face amount of your invoices in cash. Then Business Factors assumes the responsibility of collecting the invoice and taking on 100% of the credit risk. You pay no upfront fees, get simple credit qualifications and friendly, professional, and confidential consulting.

Factor as little as a $2000 small business factoring invoice

Unlike other small business factoring companies, Business Factors can handle amounts as little as $2000. Our program that caters to factoring small business invoices is designed for companies with less than $100,000 in open invoices. With Business Factors, small business factoring companies can free up some of their cash flow for any or all of their business needs.

Get the lowest rates and fastest turnaround in the industry

With our small business factoring program, there’s no hassle and no personal collateral required. By supporting you now, Business Factors helps the future success of your business. We also encourage you to check out our invoice factoring learning center to learn more about invoice factoring and how it can help your business.

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