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Using Business Factors’ helpful services has always been simple and fast… never any complications and always guaranteed to get prompt and satisfied results. If any business has cash flow issues, Business Factors is definitely an excellent solution!

Trucking, Freight & Transportation
Sajid H., President

Business Factors has been the water for our business tree – without Business Factors, we wouldn’t have made it this far.  As soon our invoices get approved, we get paid… that’s how they do it and that’s how we like it.

General Contractors & Construction
Lailah W., Managing Member

Our company has truly benefited from the professionalism demonstrated on a daily basis by the team at Business Factors.  From prospective client credit reviews to funding of invoices, we’ve been extremely satisfied with all aspects of our relationship with Business Factors.

Contractors & Staffing
Teresa B., Financial Controller

Business Factors is doing an amazing job of same day funding.  Awesome!

Trucking, Freight & Transportation
Judy B., Operations Manager

We have had very fast deposits with Business Factors… they receive our invoices in the morning, and by the afternoon, the funds are deposited.

Trucking, Freight & Transportation
Barbara P., Owner

I would recommend Business Factors to any small business.  Their quick turnaround has helped us to keep our cash flow positive, and we have found factoring to be a great alternative to traditional financing.  With Business Factors’ help, we’ve managed to triple our business in the last year without taking out any loans.

Trucking, Freight & Transportation
Emerson D., General Manager

If every company I dealt with was as reliable as Business Factors, I wouldn’t need them!  They are easy to set up an account with, thorough and up front about all the details and they move quickly when I need them. It’s been a pleasure dealing with them.

Security & Surveillance
Mark E. President

Business Factors is fast and efficient. The stress alone of not having to wait 3 months for payment is money well spent. I invoice one day and get paid the next… awesome.

Welding & Construction
Wes L., President

We looked at factoring with a couple of companies and Business Factors was the easiest and most accommodating to work with.  Ryan did a fantastic job of holding our hand throughout the application process and once we were set up, it has been seamless.  We submit our invoices along with the corresponding documentation, and each time we have been paid the same day.  Business Factors has made a significant impact on our cash flow allowing us to reinvest and grow in order to meet our increasing market demand.

Manufacturing Company
Steve B., Owner