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oil and gas factoring services
Whether your company is a supplier, driller, manufacturer or survey and geophysical operator, you and your other oil and gas peers can all experience the same problem — cash flow interruptions. Oil and gas factoring from Business Factors can solve that problem fast.

Oil and gas loans are necessary for:

  • construction materials, trucks, and pipelines
  • payroll for haulers, riggers, operators, engineers, etc
  • project bids
  • drilling permits

Learn why oil and gas financing has never been easier

Oil and gas loans that factor your invoices, or accounts receivable, are the best way to guarantee a steady, reliable source of capital. It’s the perfect solution for eliminating your cash flow problems. Business Factors understands your business and can handle your oil and gas funding needs quickly and efficiently.

Finance oil and gas projects in as little as 24 hours

It takes money to make money. Now you don’t have to pass up opportunities for projects — or worry about completing projects — because of cash flow problems. One call to Business Factors can get you the oil and gas project financing you need to pay staff, order parts and equipment, or do whatever you must to keep your business running and growing. Business Factors can handle your oil and gas funding and deliver these benefits:

  • Get approval to get cash for your unpaid invoices in 24 hours or less, not for weeks, or months, as it is with banks.
  • Receive an advance of up to 96% of the face amount of your accounts receivable.
  • Enjoy a fast and easy set-up process.
  • Pay low fees, no upfront fees and get simple qualifying.
  • Eliminate the cost of collections. Business Factors handles that, too, unlike many other oil and gas financing providers.
  • Rely on our friendly, professional, confidential consulting anytime.

The financial strength of your customers, not your personal FICO and/or business credit score, is all it takes to get oil and gas funding from Business Factors.

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