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We Provide Factoring In San Jose

Welcome to the factoring company that will end your cash flow problems

San Jose Factoring Company

San Jose Office Location:
2025 Gateway Place
Suite 370
San Jose, California 95110

From its origins as a small farming community to being the hugeCapital of Silicon Valley,” San Jose has grown into a great city to run your business. It’s an even greater place to be located when your business has cash flow problems. That’s because Business Factors & Finance is right here to give you factoring in the San Jose, Silicon Valley or Los Gatos region.

Solve your cash flow problems now

Factoring in San Jose with Business Factors & Finance gets you paid now on your unpaid invoices and accounts receivable. In just 24 hours you can be approved for San Jose factoring based on the financial strength of your customers, No es su y / o puntaje de crédito FICO negocios personales.

Factores de negocio & Finance is unlike any other factoring company because of this long list of services and benefits our business loans in San Jose bring to your business:

  • Get friendly, profesional, consultoría confidencial siempre que lo necesite.
  • Start with a fast and easy setup process.
  • Reduce administrative costs. Deje factores de negocio & Finance handle the collections of your factored invoices.
  • Recibir su aprobación 24 horas o menos.
  • No tiene ningún costo por adelantado y la experiencia de las calificaciones de crédito simples.
  • Obtener un anticipo de hasta 96% del valor nominal de sus facturas pendientes de pago o cuentas por cobrar.
  • Enjoy low coststhe best among San Jose factoring companies.

Having no cash flow problems by utilizing our factoring services, you are in a position to give more generous terms to customers, también.

Find out why banks can’t compete on business loans in San Jose

Los bancos pueden hacer que esperar 90 days or more to get your money and, as San Jose factoring experts, we provide you with many, many choices:

Smile that you live where San Jose factoring is easy to get

Don’t let cash flow problems hold your business back. Call Business Factors & Finance for factoring in San Jose, Silicon Valley or Los Gatos, California today!

Currently providing services in San Jose, Silicon Valley & Los Gatos regions.

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