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Financiación de telecomunicaciones

factorización de telecomunicaciones

Make Sure Your Connected with Telecom Financing from Business Factors

Demand for telecommunications services continues to grow and doesn’t look to slow down anytime in the near future. From high speed internet services and advanced Wi-Fi to ubiquitous mobile and wireless technology, the telecommunications industry is developing at a rapid rate. As a result businesses in this industry can find themselves with an almost constant demand for their services.

Yet despite the fast speed of telecommunications these days, the one thing that continues to move at a horse-and-buggy pace is payment from telecom corps. That is, if your business is a vendor providing goods or services to a large telecommunications company, you can count on payment to be slow.


Get Telecommunications Financing at 10 Megabits per Second

Fortunately, you can take action to expedite this payment so you don’t have to sit around and wait 30, 45, or even 60 days to collect money that is owed to you. By obtaining telecom financing from Business Factors, you can collect payment in weeks instead of days.

Large corporations in the telecom sector tend to make excellent clients for telecom factoring. That’s because they are established businesses with a good or great credit score and a record of paying their bills. In some ways, having a large telecom company as a client is sort of like having the government as a client; you know they will pay their bills, but it just becomes a matter of when.


Shore up Your Business with Telecom Working Capital

With telecommunications financing you can add an element of predictability to your receivables handling, which is likely to improve your overall business cash flow. Small businesses that rely on payment from big corporations in the industry can often struggle with cash flow issues for this very reason. That is, the gap in payment from when they provide the service or goods to when they actually collect on that payment is often larger than they initially thought it would be. Telecom financing from Business Factors bridges this payment gap.

When this gap persists month after month as is often the case, the business finds itself in a situation in which its cash flow is hurting. The business may soon start to struggle to meet its own financial obligations. Poor liquidity and insufficient working capital can soon come to plague the business and may even cause it to shut down if problems aren’t addressed promptly. In fact, any small business that relies on payment from one or two large telecom clients can find itself struggling with cash flow.


Monthly Telecom Funding Can Help Your Business

  • Stay on top of its finances to keep cash flow and working capital in check.
  • Pay day to day and unexpected business expenses on time
  • Cover the costs of high priced equipment, supplies and related gear
  • Stay current with industry trends and changes by purchasing or leasing the most advanced equipment
  • Hire the temporary or full time crew you need to help with any current or on-going work, such as digging ditches, laying down cables, or even building cell towers


Telecom Funding at Your Fingertips

Telecom can be a very lucrative enterprise but it isn’t without its challenges. It is a very competitive, asset-heavy industry that sometimes requires large investments up-front before it pays off several years down the road. During this interim period, cash flow and liquidity can be tight, which can end up hampering business growth. Businesses going through this investment phase can make use of the multitude of benefits offered by telecom factoring.

For one, telecom financing from Business Factors is an off-the-balance sheet transaction so it won’t create any additional debt for your business. This can be very important particularly for businesses that already have a lot of debt tied up in their assets. As it can be difficult to obtain a business loan if your business already had a lot of debt, telecom factoring can serve as the ideal solution offering as-needed cash without the burden of debt.


Plan Client Payments with Telecommunications Funding

Because telecom funding is based solely on the value of your invoices, it is a one-and-done transaction. That means there’s nothing to payback. It’s not another payment you have to make month after month. The cost of telecom factoring is deducted at the time of the transaction; it is appropriately 3-9% the total value of the invoice. Once it is paid for there’s nothing more to pay back.

Many small firms that provide a good or service to a large telecom corporation struggle with cash flow as a result of lagging payment timeframes. Telecom financing from Business Factors can enable your firm to get the capital it needs to shore up its day to day business operations and expand.


Financiación de telecomunicaciones
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