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Petróleo y Gas Factoring

Secure Timely Cash – Oil & Gas Service Companies

oil and gas factoring services

Factores de negocio & Finance has been helping oil & gas service companies grow their businesses since 1999. With experience servicing the special needs of the oil and gas sector in Alberta, Texas, Dakota del Norte, Colorado, Pensilvania, Ohio, and Saskatchewan, and Oklahoma, Factores de negocio & Finance is ready to help your business succeed.

Don’t let your people and equipment sit idle while your invoices languish in Accounts Payable – tap into that frozen cash today to keep your trucks running and hire enough crew to meet your project deadlines. Today’s oil and gas service companies must be able to move fast when a good opportunity comes along – this means having cash on hand to mobilize quickly when called.

Oil and Gas Funding Doesn’t Have to be Hard to Find

Yet even with the best-laid plans, oil and gas companies and their suppliers sometimes need additional capital. That’s where Business Factors’ oil and gas project financing comes in. If your business is in the oil and gas sector, you will more than likely have a hard time securing a traditional loan from a bank. Banks prefer lending to businesses with steady periods of growth and predictable projections. In the oil and gas sector, even profitable and otherwise thriving businesses can routinely show up and down periods as this is just the nature of the business.

Banks don’t want to see these peaks and troughs as they prefer steady upward growth trajectories with minimal periods of decline. Además, many banks have clearly stated policies that that they won’t provide business loans to certain high risk industries, and there’s a good chance that oil and gas sector is on that list. This is particularly true for businesses that have yet to establish themselves or those that lack sufficient collateral.

Factoring Frees up Cash For Investments or Expenses

Factores de negocio, an oil and gas financing company, rutinariamente trabaja con empresas de riesgo estacionales o altas. Proporciona financiación de petróleo y gas a las personas directamente en y alrededor de la industria, incluyendo proveedores, contratistas, y de transporte por carretera y transportes empresas. Sus préstamos de petróleo y gas pueden ayudar cubrir los costos de:

  • El transporte de diversos equipos, tales como tuberías, herramientas, acarrean el agua, y más.
  • Nómina para los ingenieros, farmacia, constructores, constructores, instaladores de perforación de petróleo, motores, y trabajadores generales como peones.
  • Limpiar, preparar, mantenimiento, y la reparación de la perforación o fractura hidráulica sitio o equipos.
  • permisos, licenses and other regulatory matters.
  • Supplies, such as sand, gravel, rock, water and other materials that are needed for drilling or fracking expeditions.

Oil and Gas Factoring Let’s You Bid on Future Projects Today

Invoice factoring for the oil and gas industry provides funding to companies based on the validity of current invoices that are issued to creditworthy clients. So as long as you have a current client with a solid credit score and a history of paying bills when they are due, you likely qualify for oil and gas funding. Además, Business Factors can provide oil and gas project financing on a project by project basis so you can get the financing you need to complete the job without having to commit to a long-term contract.

Unlike standard oil and gas loans, factoring is not dependent on your business’s credit score, business history, number of years established, the state of the local economy, or risk given to a particular industry. As long as you have a credit-worthy client, you are set. Oil and gas project financing enables your business to get paid for invoices in a matter of days so you can move forward with your next project.

Flexible Funding in a Changing Industry

With the power of cash-on-demand oil and gas financing, your company can bid on jobs with confidence knowing it will have access to the capital it needs to complete the job. With oil and gas project financing, you can have added flexibility of getting the capital you need. This way you can get the amount of capital you need based on the requirements of the job rather than a flat disbursement amount.

los energy sector is in a constant state of flux as it is highly dependent on global economic and political trends. The industry has historically been a risky one, and that doesn’t look to change anytime in the foreseeable future. Hoy, that risk is exacerbated in many ways by low oil and gas prices that are a result of a number of industry and geopolitical factors.

Como resultado de los bajos precios de mercado, muchas compañías de petróleo y gas están luchando para llegar a un capital suficiente para cubrir sus costos de operación. Factores de negocios pueden proporcionar financiación petróleo y gas a estas y otras empresas para reforzar sus operaciones y en última instancia, su crecimiento de negocio.

Petróleo y Gas Financiación de negocios Factores de ofertas

  • financiación rápida en 3-5 días hábiles o menos
  • Bajo, honorarios a precios competitivos
  • proceso de aplicación fácil y sin costos iniciales
  • Transparent handling of your receivables so you’ll know precisely when payment occurs.

So contact Business Factors today to learn more about financing oil and gas projects.

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