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Our Factoring & Financing Testimonials

We started working with Business Factors two years ago, and to be frank, we were very apprehensive about creating such a partnership. There are so many variables that can go wrong, client’s can get confused on who they are supposed to be paying, we may not get the money in time, etc.. All these issues were crossing our mind when we began to work with Business Factors on factoring one of our largest clients. Needless to say our worries were unfounded.

Our account executive has worked closely with us since the start of our relationship to make sure that not only we understand exactly what is occurring with our finances but so that we are completely comfortable with the process. What makes it especially easy to work with our account executive and the Business Factors team is the fact that no matter how urgent the matter is, they always handle my problems as a top priority and make me feel like my company is there most important concern.

I urge anyone that has a need for a factoring company to not hesitate in using the professionals at Business Factors. -J.P.

In all my years of business, I’ve never dealt with a factoring company that has given me 110% until now. I’ve come to develop a close working relationship with Business Factors. Because of the constant and dependable cash flow that they’ve created for my company, I’ve been able to grow my business. I’ve never been happier with a factor.” -Julie W.

“Factoring camión me ha permitido recibir dinero en efectivo por adelantado para los trabajos que normalmente tendría que esperar 30, 45, o 60 días de. Con los crecientes costos de combustible, Yo no sería capaz de entregar mi próxima carga sin tomar con factores de negocio. En la parte superior de sus bajas tarifas planas, y no hay cargos ocultos, my personal Account Executive has been a wonderful and knowledgeable bonus.” -mark T.

Business Factors has been an incredible resource to my company. Without them, my business would not have been so successful. They are a wonderful group of people with a knowledgeable and courteous staff. I’ve worked with factors in the past, and will never recommend any other. Thank you, Business Factors for everything!” -Diane B.

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