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Get a Clean Financial Slate with Janitorial Services Factoring

If you are like most people, you probably don’t take the time to think much about the cleanliness of a business or store you happen to venture into. If something is a mess or emits a foul-smelling odor, then you might notice it. But most of us take it for granted that the businesses and offices we visit will be clean and sanitary.
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Apply for Janitorial Services Financing from a Factoring Company

Commercial-grade janitorial services companies work hard behind the scenes to keep businesses and residential facilities clean so that they are welcoming and cozy to guests. It isn’t a business for those who require a lot of kudos, fame or recognition but it is a $35 billion a year business that is here to stay through good and bad economic times.

Choose Reliable Receivable Factoring to Better Cope with Forgetful Clients

As is the case with many commercial services businesses, those in janitorial services have to stay on top of their cash flow.  This is because they have big expenses that need to get paid on time such as employee payroll funding, equipment, cleaning supplies and detergent. Unfortunately, commercial clients may not always pay their cleaners on time, which can put a huge dent in their accounts if they are not prepared.

Paying for services, factoring in all of a client’s priorities, may not be a top-of-mind concern to the client. For better or worse, most people will notice when there’s problems with the cleaning service but they are far less likely to notice on-par cleaning service. That’s the nature of the business. As such, it may be more likely that clients get busy and forget to pay their bills for their cleaning service.

To prevent cash flow problems before they start, choose invoice factoring. By selling your current billed invoices for cash right away, you can stay a step ahead of cash flow. With janitorial services factoring, you know you can always meet your payroll financing and other obligations on time even if your client falls short of meeting theirs.

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