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Purchase Order Financing

Use PO financing to generate needed cash at the purchase order stage of customer transactions

Purchase Order Financing
Now you can turn purchase orders from creditworthy customers into the cash you need to fulfill the order with Business Factors’ purchase order financing.

Regardless of the size of your business, the size of the order or your industry, PO financing from Business Factors is the smart option when you get orders while strapped for cash.

Gain the ability to fulfill orders when strapped for cash

Purchase order funding is the smart solution if you’ve found yourself in any of these situations:

  • Sales growth has outpaced available working capital or bank credit lines.
  • Seasonal sales spikes or growth spurts have put a sudden strain on cash flow.
  • Working capital must be reserved for other departments or operations such as R&D, manufacturing, capital equipment or marketing.

Fund sales transactions up to 100% of your capital needs

Business Factors’ PO funding program funds sales transactions up to 100% of the capital requirements, and our purchase order financing rates make PO funding low-cost.

Few purchase order financing companies are as accessible or easy to work with as Business Factors. If you’ve run out of money while you still have orders to complete, Business Factors makes getting your purchase order funding advance fast and easy.

Turn to the financing specialists at Business Factors who make it all surprisingly easy — with no upfront fee, simple credit qualifications and friendly, professional, confidential consulting.

Discover the Business Factors difference.

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