Factoring Services to Help Your Seasonal Landscaping Business
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Factoring Services to Help Your Seasonal Landscaping Business

Summer time can be slow time for many businesses and industries. Yet for those in commercial landscaping sector, it can often be one of the busiest times of year. Property managers and business owners regularly seek to improve their properties’ exterior during climate weather periods. For those in the hotel, hospitality and vacation industry, landscaping and maintenance work really increases during this time. Manicured lawns and verdures are a vital component to the success of these industries and they are very well aware of it.

Get Bulk Payroll Financing for the Busy Season from a Factoring Company

Factoring Services to Help Your Seasonal Landscaping Business
As such, those in the commercial landscape and maintenance industry prepare months in advance to be ready for the summer time spike in business. Getting cash to hire workers, payroll funding, purchase new equipment, repair damaged equipment, purchase sod and other materials can be a challenge as it is for any seasonal business. For these reasons and more invoice factoring services for commercial landscapers can provide these businesses with cash or a line of credit in order to be financially and operationally ready for the peak season of business.

Repair Used Equipment or Buy New Gear with Accounts Receivable Funding

Though some commercial landscaping businesses are able to obtain regular work, others secure mostly project based work that may be unpredictable and somewhat unreliable. Landscaping companies that are in need of cash to ready themselves for peak periods of business can have a hard time when going to the bank.

Corporate lending institutions often are reluctant to provide cash or credit to seasonal businesses, including commercial landscaping. Invoice factoring companies, on the other hand, secure a significant portion of their clientele based on seasonal businesses. Factoring receivables can provide seasonal businesses with regular cash infusions, and in considerably less time than a bank.

And because accounts receivable (AR) factoring or simply relies on the credit history of your clients, you have a strong chance of qualifying for factoring financial services. This is why factoring receivables is a good option for newbie businesses or those businesses that have an imperfect credit score. If the banks said no to your application for a term business loan, you can still apply for factoring accounts receivable.

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