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5 Signs Your Business Needs Factoring

Octopus in Business, businessman is a multitasking personRunning a business is hard work. No matter the size, industry, or location of your business, you are bound to run into some financial issues. No matter if you are growing too fast or in a slow period, you may need a bit of extra financing to help keep your business running at its best.  Here are some common tell tale signs that your business needs factoring.

Increasing Staff

Your growing staff needs more hands to manage everyday tasks. In order to balance this influx of new employees, you should first establish what you can afford to take on. Then, determine where your payroll will come from. This may include cutting funding for other parts of the business. If you cannot afford to cut any parts of your business, look to financing options like payroll factoring. This type of business financing will help get you the cash you need to keep up with your increasing staff and ensure they are paid on time and in full.

Inadequate Inventory

In many businesses, you depend on your own personal inventory of materials and tools to get jobs completed on time and to the best of your ability. When you begin to notice that you cannot keep up with the inventory your business needs for operating, this should be a big sign that it’s time for financial help. With manufacturing factoring and construction factoring, you will be able to get an advance on your unpaid invoices to ensure that you can finish on time and with the best tools. Access to these funds is critical for the success of your business, especially in down periods.

Expanding Into A New Location

Expanding your business into a new location is an exciting and rewarding process. Don’t let inadequate funding destroy this great time in your business. With non-recourse factoring, your business will be able to receive a large advance without the risk of damaging credit. The factoring company will take on 100% of the risk to ensure that your transition into your new location is smooth.

Expanding Store Space

So long to your tiny retail store! Expanding your small store into something much larger is such an exciting prospect. With expansion comes larger inventory. To balance outgoing costs with incoming costs of inventory, look to apparel factoring. A factoring company will purchase invoices to ensure that you get the funds you need to keep your business growing.

Increasing Business Growth

We hardly ever come across a business that has grown in a straight and steady line. With major growth comes minor setbacks. With expansion, you are faced with larger inventory. With an expanding staff comes larger payroll expenses. You get the point. In order to make money, some needs to be spent. There is no shame in using business financing solutions for additional help.

We hope that you have noted these 5 signs. Growing a business is not easy, but when you are prepared, it can be. Take these signs into account in your business to find out the right time to incorporate business financing.

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