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Use Invoice Factoring Services to Get Ahead of Holiday Demand

While the holiday season seems to get its start early and early every year, successful small business owners have always known that having a profitable quarter is largely dependent on proper planning in the months ahead. If you have not already done so, now is the time to start getting ready for the holiday sales boost. To compete effectively in the holiday market, your business must have sufficient inventory, staffing, and equipment, which means having a robust cash flow.

Be Holiday Ready Today with Factoring Receivables

invoice factoring services for holiday demandResellers, distributors and wholesalers need to stock up on inventory to make sure they do not sell out of sought-after merchandise. They need to work with manufacturers and their shippers to make sure production is on target and deliveries are on time. By using trending software and technology these resellers can make sure they are stocking up on the right products.

Now is also the time to hire staff needed to get the job done right and on time. Whether they need capital for payroll funding, temp staffing financing, raw materials, new technologies and more, distributors and wholesalers can make use of accounts receivable factoring or purchase order funding.

Invoice Factoring Services Are Made for Seasonal Businesses

Factoring receivables enables businesses that heavily rely on holiday sales to have cash available when they need it even if they have had a slow or flat summer season. That’s because factoring companies are forward looking and rely on a company’s current and upcoming sales in order to provide needed capital. Factoring companies buy a company’s invoices based on current customers rather than past credit history. By getting cash for their invoices right away companies can dramatically improve their cash flow just when they need to the most – during the busy season.

Say “Yes” to That Mammoth Order with PO Funding

Similar to invoice factoring servicees, purchase order financing allows a wholesaler or distributor to get the capital it needs in order to exponentially increase its business. When a 100 unit order unexpectedly becomes a 10,000 unit order, wholesalers can still fulfill it with cash upfront from P.O. financing. Purchase order financing rates may not be your cheapest option but they allow businesses to get the cash when they need to & right away. Never say no to a big order again with P.O. funding.

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