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The State of the Economy for Small Business Financing in 2015

Every January starts off with bold New Year’s resolutions and even bolder New Year predictions, and 2015 is no different. Though your new year predictions may depend on whether you are an optimist, pessimist or realist, economics and industry experts across the nation have their own predictions to share about the year ahead. A brief overview of their outlooks includes:

  • An extensive report from Kiplinger is cautiously optimistic about the new year predicting slight but steady growth citing an increase in hiring, lower unemployment, and an increase in consumer and health care spending. The report says Small Business Financing will also increase somewhat with more businesses willing and able to spend money on equipment financing or business equipment leasing. Businesses that have been reluctant to invest in updated machinery or gear are now deciding to do so. Moreover the outlook reports that manufacturing, which running at a 77 percent output close to the goal of 80 percent, will also continue to rise. Manufacturing financing can be used to help companies can the money they need to purchase raw materials to produce the finished product.
  • A report by Industry Week echoes the Kiplinger’s sentiment on manufacturing tying much industry growth to lower fuel prices, increases in employment and higher wages. Manufacturing, factoring in all other variables, looks to increase at a healthy 3.2 percent.
  • In a report put together by the industry experts at Bloomberg Businessweek, they expect the oil and gas fracking boom to continue and its unprecedented growth to not only strengthen oil and gas financing but to positively impacting surrounding industries such as large equipment manufacturing and freight and transportation funding. Moreover, new technologies related to manufacturing could also bring about more technology equipment financing. For instance, if one major manufacturer chooses to adopt a new technology to improve production efficiencies, it is common that others will obtain the manufacturing loans needed to update their technology in order to stay competitive.

Sylvester, New Year, 2015, Sydney, Australia, HarbourFactoring Receivable Provides Financing for 2015

Small business financing in the form of oil and gas factoring or manufacturing factoring can help growing companies get the capital they need to purchase or lease new equipment, expand into new territory, invest in more modern technologies or hire additional staff. Even if your business has had a few rough years due to the flat economy, you can still get small business financing with invoice factoring services provided you have current, creditworthy clients.

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