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Non-Recourse Factoring | How to Invest Your Extra Cash

Concept of a plant and a lot of golden coins isolated on white backgroundSo, you’ve utilized the benefits of non-recourse factoring. Your business is thriving, and you even have excess cash in the bank. Having too much cash on hand hardly seems like a problem, but investing it on the wrong things can lead to an even more costly mistake.

Where to Invest Your Excess Capital From Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring

When your business generates more cash than normal, it is often difficult to reach a decision of how and where to invest it. Rather than making an impulse decision for your needs right now here are 4 ways you can invest your excess cash to bring you more success in the future.

1. Use Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring Capital to Invest in Equipment

Using non-recourse invoice factoring, you can secure a strong source of working capital that will allow you to invest in new equipment for your business. For businesses in the manufacturing, freight, and transportation industries, you can be as successful as your best equipment.

Rather than letting your business settle for second best, take advantage of your excess cash and invest in something that will benefit your business in the long run.

When purchasing inventory or equipment, it is crucial that you study the market. In some instances, you will find that suppliers will offer sales and other price-cutting deals for companies that buy in bulk. By waiting for these sales and other discounts to bubble up to the surface, you will be able to keep more cash in your pocket, while also upgrading your business’s equipment.

2. Use Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring Capital to Invest in a Marketing Plan

Now, more than ever, companies are failing to make the switch into the digital age. More and more people are looking for businesses online than in any other form of marketing. With a little excess cash in your pocket, you can make an investment that will bring your business more business than ever before.

Investing in a marketing plan that best suits your business’s needs will allow you to reach more customers in your target area, and give you the potential to easily reach more customers outside of your target area to aid with expansion.

Bringing your business online is an investment that needs to happen, but it is crucial that this is thought out. Use your excess capital to invest in a marketing plan that will give you the most return—not the cheapest solution.

3. Use Non-Recourse Factoring Capital to Develop a New Product or Service

Diversifying your product line or services menu is a great way to bring your business additional, long-term success. There are many ways that your business can go about accomplishing this. You can go it alone and develop a new product or service internally or you can look to partner with another business to expand into a new market—but tread lightly.

With non-recourse invoice factoring, your business will be able to secure a strong source of capital, fast. When creating a new product or service, it is important that you take your time. Rushing to create a new product or service will only result in mistakes—costly ones.

Be sure that you evaluate your current business plan and take the time to develop and create a new addition to it that makes sense to both your brand and your business goals.

4. Use Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring Capital to Squash Existing Debt

Before diversifying your product line or implementing a new marketing strategy, it’s important to pay off existing debts. Getting your business debt down to zero will set you up for success long-term.

Non-recourse factoring, and other types of factoring services, are great financial options for your business to get access to the current funds owed, but if you are looking to make a bigger investment, you’ll need to get a loan. A debt free business is more likely to get a larger, and a more affordable business loan.

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