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Factoring for Silicon Valley Business

Be innovative when handling cash flow problems — use Silicon Valley factoring

Silicon Valley Factoring

Silicon Valley Office Location:
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San Jose, CA 95110
p: 408-438-5912

As the leading hub for high-tech innovation and development, Silicon Valley is the place where innovation happens. Now you can be innovative when cash flow problems hit your business. Use invoice factoring & financing services from Business Factors & Finance and make those cash flow problems disappear, immediately.

With our factoring services &, we work hard to provide fast and convenient options for many businesses like yours to end cash flow problems. By getting your money now on unpaid invoices and accounts receivable, you strengthen your business operations and gain the ability to:

  • Reduce administration costs
  • Give more generous terms to customers
  • Take advantage of opportunities as they happen

Here’s how factoring with Business Factors & Finance works

The financial strength of your customers — not your personal FICO or business credit score — is what it takes to get factoring in Silicon Valley, California. Business Factors & Finance advances you up to 96% of the face amount of your invoices or accounts receivable, then collects on those unpaid invoices for you. You get approved for factoring within only 24 hours and get your money in days. There’s no waiting weeks or months as you would with regular business loans from banks. You pay no upfront fees, get easy credit qualifications and extra attention with our friendly, professional, confidential consulting.

Know you’re dealing with the best of all Silicon Valley factoring companies

Whatever your need for factoring, Business Factors & Financce has it:

Choose the right factoring company that lets you be innovative

Your business innovates in many ways. Apply that approach when cash flow problems appear by making Business Factors & Finance your choice as your factoring & finance company.

Our services are not just limited to Silicon Valley, we also provide services in San Jose, San Franciso Bay Area & Los Gatos regions. Even more, we provide services in all of North American.

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