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Saskatoon is a city of opportunity, so it’s great to own and run a business here. However, every business, no matter how successful, will have cash flow problems from time to time. When you do you’ll also be glad to be where there is an unmatched Saskatoon factoring company that can end your cash flow problems as quickly as they appear. That Saskatoon factoring company is Business Factors.

End your cash flow worries in just 24 hours

In the past, you may have considered getting business loans from a bank. The problem with that is that banks have unending piles of paperwork and take long times to approve loans. Not only that, but bank loans incur interest, which increases your debt.

Factoring from Business Factors is very different. First, you pay no upfront fees and get simple credit qualifications based on the financial strength of your customers, not your personal FICO and/or business credit score. Then Business Factors can advance you up to 96% of the face amount of your invoices or accounts receivable. Instead of waiting 90 days or longer, Business Factors is the Saskatoon factoring company that can approve you in as little as 24 hours.

Get more than you can from other Saskatoon factoring companies:

  • Experience a fast and easy setup process.
  • Enjoy low, money-saving fees.
  • Reduce administrative costs.
  • Put your business in the position to give more generous terms to customers.
  • Avoid adding more debt.
  • Always get friendly, professional, confidential consulting on factoring.

Business Factors even handles the collection of factored invoices for you and offers many options for factoring in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan:

Stop cash flow problems without loans

Get factoring from Business Factors and gain the opportunity to grow your business without interruption.

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