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Locally Financing Manufacturing for the Winter Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are all about sports competition, athletic ability, and national pride. Yet if you run a business, the Olympics might be all about numbers. This year’s Winter Games, controversially held in Sochi, Russia, will attract audiences the world over; millions and millions will tune in to watch the competitions on TV. And because they only come once every two and four years, their rarity provides instant appeal and magnetism.

Preparation for the Games isn’t just a major undertaking for the athletes. Businesses that support them must also prepare several months in advance and get all their ducks in a row for this spectacular sporting occasion. Though the typical spectator may not consider it, those in business know how commerce touches almost every aspect of the Games from promotion and advertisement to hotel booking and hospitality.

Manufacturing Factoring in “Made-in-USA” Label for a Victory

Financing Manufacturing for 2014 Olympics in Sochi
Those in manufacturing for instance must ramp up production for team uniforms, merchandise, and related gear for the Sochi 2014 Games. Manufacturing financing, in terms of manufacturing loans or machine shop factoring, can help companies get the money they need quickly to meet the high demand of such a grandiose event. This year’s uniforms, designed by Ralph Lauren, were manufactured in the U.S. The company took heat in 2012 for manufacturing its Team USA uniforms in China. Financing manufacturing locally can help such companies get the funds they need quickly to ramp up local factory production and get the uniforms and gear ready just in time for the big event.

Other small shops have joined the Made in the USA fervor. A small business in Florida designs and locally produces the currently popular outdoor bracelets being donned by athletes. A manufacturer in Tennessee, which provides its tough, cut-resistant socks to Team USA skaters, has seen its sales grow thanks in part to the Games.

Machine Shop Factoring Works Well with Seasonal Business Cycles

Companies that are looking to ramp up production, especially for a once in a lifetime occasion such as the Olympic Games, can rely on the speed and fast turnaround of manufacturing factoring. Unlike loans from a corporate bank, invoice factoring companies recognize the seasonal nature of manufacturing and won’t punish you with unruly fees for this. Its comfort with the peak and valley business cycles is one reason why factoring accounts receivables is so popular for those in the industry.

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