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Medical Factoring

Use medical factoring from Business Factors & Finance to prevent cash flow problems

Medical Receivables Factoring
As a healthcare facility, you must work with many different types of insurance providers, including HMOs and Medicare/Medicaid. It can take up to 90 days in some cases to receive payment. This slow cash flow can interfere with the successful operation of your business.

Business Factors can help. Our medical receivables factoring can help eliminate this problem by providing you with fast, secure financing and factoring for your invoices, accounts receivables, and purchase orders.

Eliminate shortages that can affect your operations

While you’re providing the urgent care your patients need, medical accounts receivable factoring from Business Factors & Finance can ensure that you always have the money you need to pay for:

  • Medical, service and maintenance staff
  • Needed medications and equipment
  • Facilities operational costs

Get the money you need STAT

To get you the money you need from banks can take as long as the HMOs, Medicare/Medicaid and other insurance providers. But not with Business Factors & Finance. Our medical receivable factoring process can get you the approval needed to get money for your unpaid invoices in 24 hours or less. That’s because factoring medical receivables is a core area of our business services. With Business Factors & Factors, you get all the benefits, such as:

  • An advance of up to 96% of the face amount of your unpaid invoices.
  • Fast and secure medical accounts receivable factoring set-up process.
  • Low, money-saving fees.
  • Non-recourse factoring that means we handle the collection of your factored invoices, a service not always available from other medical factoring companies.
  • No upfront fees and simple credit qualifications.
  • Friendly, professional, confidential consulting.

With Business Factors & Finance, the financial strength of your debtors, not your personal FICO and/or business credit score, is all it takes to get medical receivables factoring. Nothing more.

Eliminate cash flow problems today

Factoring your medical receivables through Business Factors is the smart, convenient and efficient way to prevent cash flow problems at your healthcare facility so you and your staff can focus on your primary responsibility — caring for patients.

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