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Brand New Factoring Website, Same Great Factoring Services

Internet technology continues to change and here at Business Factors, one of the nation’s premier accounts receivable factoring companies, we’ve launched a new website to keep pace and provide you with an improved, interactive web experience. In addition to enhancing the site’s functionality and design, we’ve added a number of features and sections, such as business invoice factoring educational content, industry-based content, and social media content, including a blog.

We’ve also changed the navigation so if you regularly visit the site, it may take you a few minutes to get acquainted with the new site’s look and feel. Once you do, we think you’ll agree it has more to offer. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

Educating You on Invoice Factoring and Finance

Though factoring services or accounts receivable factoring services have been around for a long time, the practice remains unknown to many. Visitors to the site may ask, “What is factoring?” “Is factoring receivables risky?” and “Is invoice factoring the best option for my business?” The new site provides information up front and explains in unassuming terms what factoring account receivables is all about.

Industry-Based Factoring Receivables Content

The old site provided some basic information on the different industries we serve, yet the new site fleshes this out even more. Because each industry has its own specific needs and circumstances, the new site has an information section on factoring invoices for agriculture, apparel, construction, information technology, freight, government contractors, manufacturing, medical, oil and gas, payroll / staffing and telecom.

Feature-Rich Functionality for Invoice Factoring Services

In addition to providing informational content on factoring account receivables, the new site offers social media content and a blog so you can engage with us and learn about invoice factoring and company news as it happens. With this functionality, we can better engage with you and ultimately provide better service. An easy-to-use chat feature has been added so you can ask an accounts receivable factoring question to a customer service rep right from the keyboard.

More on Business Factors and Its Many Factoring Invoice, Financing Options

Finally, we’ve revamped our “about us” content so you can learn about our credentials, such as how we’ve been around since 1999 and have more than 40 years of industry experience behind us. You can also learn about us from client testimonials, which have been added to the new site. You can learn that in addition to providing factoring services to a number of industries, we also provide other financing options such as premium financing, loans, working capital and more.

Looking ahead, you can expect to see even more content such as a blog, FAQs, whitepapers, recently funded projects, and more. We aim to serve as a resource to new and existing customers as well as to those just looking to learn more about accounts receivables factoring.

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About the Author:

Robert Bernfeld started in the commercial finance industry in 1974. His early years included positions with Aetna Business Credit and Foothill Group. During the next thirty five years. Mr. Bernfeld established both equipment leasing and accounts receivable factoring companies. He partnered in founding Business Facilitators, Inc. in 1999. Mr Bernfeld graduated from the University of California, Riverside in 1974 and received his Juris Doctorate from Loyola University School of Law in 1977.

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