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5 Ways To Increase Employee Happiness

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Your employees are your business. They are in contact with the actual workings of your business on a completely different level than you. If your staff is not happy, it can tarnish the reputation of your business and its services or products.

Although you may not see them everyday, it is important that you are taking measures to create a happier staff.

1. Conduct an Internal Employee Attitude Survey

Before you begin any new plan to increase happiness in your business, you should first determine what your plan should focus on. Distribute an anonymous internal employee attitude survey to your employees. An anonymous survey will allow your employees to speak freely about their daily experiences with your business.

2. Assess Your Weaknesses

Using the results of your survey, you can now assess your areas of weakness. Have poor company culture? A system that just isn’t working? Or even a manager or employee that is causing discomfort to others? In this survey, it will all be answered.

You will be able to have a deeper look into the minds of your employees and see exactly what needs to be changed to make them happier.

Work with your managerial staff to create a plan of action to help remedy the areas of weakness. It is important to remember that happiness isn’t something that typically happens overnight. Create a plan that will function long term.

3. Give Your Employees Perks

If you are not offering your employees any perks, they are more likely to be unhappy. By offering paid time off, a severance package, and other perks to your employees, they will see that you truly care about them. This will increase their overall happiness and attitude toward your business.

4. Make The Workplace Happier

You may not know it, but there are some things that you can do that will make your employees happy without them even knowing. The workplace is where your employees spend all of their time. To ensure that they are happy, why not make your office a happier place. You can do this by introducing anything from pleasing scents, uplifting music, a fresh coat of paint, and more.

You can even make these changes something a little more obvious. Increase the attitude of your employees by simply bringing in donuts every once in a while. Another way to increase happiness, while also increasing productivity you can create competition in the workplace. Start a sales competition with a prize for the winner.

5. Manage Your Payroll

If your business often struggles with poor cash flow, this can make your employees very unhappy. By using payroll factoring, you will be able to increase your business’s cash flow easily so that you can always make payroll on time. With payroll factoring, a factoring company will purchase your business’s outstanding invoices to give you a cash advance of up to 96%. This will help you secure a strong source of capital to ensure your employees will always have on-time payroll even in slow times.

We hope that you consider these five tips to make your employees happy in your business. With happy employees, your customers will see your business as a better place to work with. With a few simple adjustments in the workplace and in your business plan, you can make your business more trustworthy.

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