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Understanding the Pros & Cons to Temporary Staffing

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If you are like most businesses, you have seasonality. Your business may heat up in the summer, but cool off with major slow periods. You may struggle to pay employees on time, and keep up with your clients. Your lack of steady capital can bring your business to a screeching halt that can ruin your business’s reputation.

There are many solutions that can keep your business thriving all year long. One of the most widely used techniques that businesses look to for help in slow time is temporary staffing.

What is Temporary Staffing?

Rather than outright hiring employees, a business will outsource their employees. This refers to a situation where business owners have the ability to hire employees for a certain amount of time. This time frame is commonly designated by the seasonality of your business. For example, if you need a little extra help over the holiday’s, with temporary staffing, you have the ability to take on extra help without hiring someone for full or part time work.

How Do I Start Using Temporary Staffing?

To use temporary staffing for you business, there are many ways to get started. One of the most common ways to do so is by using a staffing company. Many staffing companies have a wide database of employees that are looking for temporary work in certain industries. Because their work is contract based, typically, you send funds to the staffing company so they can complete the payment to your short-term employee. The staffing company often uses staffing factoring. Factoring for staffing businesses allow your employee to get paid faster for their work, as the factoring company advances up to 96% on the invoice with low rates so that you can get the funds you need without the wait.

Can Your Business Benefit From Temporary Staffing?

Although many businesses can see benefits from using temporary staffing, it is not best for every business. Let’s break down the pros and cons for your business.


As mentioned before, temporary staffing is a great way for companies to get additional help, but not for a part time or full time position. Temporary staffing allows your business to adjust easily to your workload fluctuations.

This can be great for businesses that experiences temporary demands, takes on short-term special projects, and more. Temporary staffing is also a great outlet for businesses that need to fill a position for an employee is absent for an extended period. This can be from employees on maternity leave, disability leave, extended vacation, or even sudden departures.


There are some cons to using temporary staffing. For some businesses in industries like technology, retail, oil and gas, and others of this nature require a lot of training to introduce an employee to the company. The amount of time and effort that it takes to train a new employee may be longer than the actual duration of their work with your company.

There are other issues that some businesses can face using staffing that go beyond the actual working of your business. If your business relies on temporary staffing too much, you can start to maintain the reputation of an unreliable or inconsistent business. Your customers will see always work with a different person or a team of people, which comes off as unorganized. People like familiarity, especially when there is business involved.

We hope that this guide to temporary staffing has helped you consider if it can benefit your business.

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