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True Story: Manufacturing

Give the Customers What They Want with Manufacturing Financing

Industry: HVAC Manufacturing Company
Location: Dallas, TX
How Much? $100K Factoring Line

A small, mom-and-pop heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) manufacturing company was looking to bolster its relationship with existing clients by providing them with more value for their products. Recognizing the competitive nature of their industry, the Dallas-based company wanted to offer their customers a way they could save money by partnering with them.
Manufacturing Factoring
Upon learning of the net 30 rule, a way customers could lower their total bill by paying their total amount due within a 30-day payment window, the manufacturing company wanted to offer this to its customers. By letting customers take advantage of it of this savings opportunity, it would also ensure that they were paid on time. It seemed like a win-win solution all around.

Manufacturing Factoring Solved Their Cash Flow Difficulties

Yet cash flow was tight and cash reserves were low and the company knew they wanted to extend the discount, but didn’t know if it had the financial capacity to do so. Identifying that it needed more cash, the company turned to manufacturing factoring as a way to get cash it needed right away without a lengthy manufacturing loans application process or FICO credit score. The company had only been in business a few years and weren’t sure if they’d qualify for a term loan from a bank.

Factoring Receivables Led to Greater Customer Satisfaction

Upon learning about account receivable factoring, the company decided to give it a try. The factoring company offered them a $100K line of credit based on their current receivables. The move enabled them to have greater capital at their disposal, which they could use to pay for everyday business operations as well as cover the costs associated with taking on new customers.

Best of all, the financing manufacturing enabled them to offer the net 30 discount to their customers, which went a long way in making them happy. Moving forward, the HVAC manufacturing company now has ample cash flow and has been able to grow their business and flourish in ways that wouldn’t have been possible without the cash infusions from manufacturing financing.

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