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Textile Factoring

End cash flow problems with the financing apparel industry experts

Being successful in the fashion industry requires great talent. It also requires steady cash flow. Whether your business is established, or you’re a budding entrepreneur, you can turn to Business Factors as your expert in financing the apparel industry.

Use factoring textiles services to grow your business

Apparel Factoring
While you are busy designing, developing and/or manufacturing your unique fashions, factoring for the apparel industry is the way to ensure you always have the capital you need to:

  • Pay your employees and your office rent
  • Pay for materials and equipment
  • Market your business, and more

Discover why apparel factors are better than bank loans:

There are many reasons why, but here are a few specific benefits:

  • Get approvals on cash for your unpaid invoices in 24 hours or less, not in 30, 60, 90 days or more as it is with banks.
  • Get an advance of up to 96% of the face amount of your unpaid invoices.
  • Experience a fast and straightforward apparel factors set-up process.
  • Enjoy low, money-saving fees.
  • Eliminate the worry or time involved in collecting on factored invoices.
  • Pay no upfront fees and save time with simple credit qualifications.
  • Tap our friendly, professional, confidential consulting anytime.

The financial strength of your customers, not your personal FICO and/or business credit score, is all it takes to get textile loans from Business Factors.

Receive friendly, professional, confidential apparel factors consulting

Business Factors has provided factoring to the apparel industry to help companies like yours achieve nationwide and even international successes with their clothing, accessory, and apparel lines. By factoring your accounts receivables with Business Factors, you get your money when you need it, so that you can keep moving your business forward.

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