Staffing Factoring

Pay workers when cash flow is slow, it’s easy with staffing factoring

Staffing Factoring
Due to the contract-based nature of staffing, medical staffing or security staffing, paying employees can be difficult. Often you need to make payroll when you haven’t yet been paid for the hours worked.

Staffing is lucrative, but it comes with obstacles such as:

  • Limited cash flow
  • High payroll financing expenses
  • Unpredictability
  • Ongoing costs of recruitment, sourcing and hiring

See an end to that problem with staff agency factoring from Business Factors

Slow cash flow can cause more than payroll problems. Medical staff factoring, temp agency factoring, staff agency factoring or security agency factoring can solve these issues and more:

  • Meeting payroll expenses
  • Paying for new equipment and supplies
  • Taking on larger contracts
  • Hiring on more qualified staff members
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Taking advantage of wholesale discounts on equipment, supplies, etc., offered by suppliers

Unlike banks that may or may not lend you money, and unlike some staffing financing sources, staffing factoring from Business Factors & Finance gives you the money that’s already owed to you (less a small fee) without incurring any debt. makes sure that the entire process is fast, easy and affordable:

  • Receive approval for money for your unpaid invoices in 24 hours or less, not in weeks or months as it is with banks.
  • Get an advance of up to 96% of the face amount of your accounts receivable.
  • Experience a fast and easy set-up process for your temp agency factoring, medical staffing factoring, security agency factoring or staff agency factoring.
  • Relax while Business Factors collects your unpaid invoices for you.
  • Eliminate costly upfront fees and save time with simple staffing financing qualifications.
  • Count on friendly, professional, confidential consulting anytime.

The financial strength of your customer, not your personal FICO and/or business credit score, is all it takes to get your money from Business Factors & Finance.

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Staffing factoring is the answer to paying workers when cash flow is slow.

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