Government Contract Financing

Get paid now for your government contracts with government factoring from Business Factors

Government Contract Factoring
Congratulations on breaking into the lucrative world of being a government contactor. Having the government as a client can be very rewarding — except when you need money now and are waiting for payment. The money you need might include:

  • Purchasing materials to finish the contract
  • Making payroll for workers assigned to the project
  • Overcoming design and development delays and much more

Confidently call Business Factors for factoring government receivables.

Whatever service or product you provide to the government — and no matter what size your business — Business Factors specializes in helping government contractors by offering government contract funding and government financing services that can solve this problem fast.

Here’s how working with Business Factors, the government financing specialist, saves you time and money:

  • Get approved for cash for your unpaid government contracts in 24 hours or less — not in weeks or months like banks.
  • Receive an advance of up to 96% of the face amount of your unpaid contracts.
  • Experience a fast and easy set-up for government contract factoring.
  • Pay low, money-saving fees on government contract financing.
  • Save administrative time. Business Factors takes care of collecting on your contracts.
  • Call us for friendly, professional, confidential consulting anytime.

Business Factors requires no upfront fees and saves you time with simple credit qualifications, too. The financial strength of your customer, not your personal FICO and/or business credit score, is all it takes to get government contract factoring from Business Factors.

Discover how easy government contract funding can be.

The government can be your best client. Even best clients, however, can take longer than you need to pay. Government factoring from Business Factors can eliminate the pain of waiting to finish a contract and get paid.

Factoring government receivables through Business Factors gets you your money when you need it.

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