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New FICO Formula May Help Those Seeking Long Term Loans

In order to qualify for a term loan, the lending institution or bank will run a thorough credit check on the applicant to determine the FICO score. Those who have too much debt, or a history of paying their bills late, can have a low FICO score.

Business Equipment Financing Picks Up the Pace

For the past several years it has been the workplace chatter in break rooms, cafeterias and lounge areas in organizations across the country: cutting back, doing more with less, and stretching every penny and every paperclip. Photocopy machines, computers, printers, telephones and other office equipment is kept running way past its prime while general office supplies are guarded and meticulously counted.

Jackpot! Factoring Ready to Support $5B Battery Manufacturing Plant

It’s a gamble like no other for the Telsa automotive manufacturer and the state best known for financial deals involving casinos, gaming, and slot-pull windfalls. The Silver State recently landed a competitive agreement to build the nation’s world’s largest lithium-ion battery factory. Though not known for its manufacturing, the State of Nevada hooked the auto maker with a somewhat controversial $1.3 billion tax break to take place over two decades.

Transportation Factoring Ramps Up Thanks to Oil & Gas Boom

To keep our cities, vehicles, and office buildings humming along at their current rapid pace, the demand for energy in all its myriad forms remains constant. From windmills to solar panels and from gas and oil drilling to the production of nuclear power, the search for new sources of consumable energy is never ending.

Get Ready for the Post-Labor Day Business Surge

Labor Day traditionally marks the end of summer and birth of a new school year to youngsters and their parents. Most workers in the U.S. get that day off as an official holiday and many celebrate it with summer BBQs, picnics and maybe even a trip to the beach.

How Are Invoice Factoring Services Regulated?

A number of different institutions and government entities are responsible for regulating banks and deciding who receives a small business loan and who doesn’t. Such regulatory institutions also protect against fraud, theft and other forms of deception providing a measure of security among customers.

Are Banks Appropriating Peer to Peer Lending?

There’s a good amount of talk on this blog about how difficult it is for the run-of-the-mill business to apply for and actually receive a small business loan from a corporate bank – yes this still goes on today. Though some finance and banking experts talk about how banks are loosening up on loans, it remains to be seen if that is actually happening or not.  For personal lending, the debate is pretty much the same: banks showing considerable reluctance or increased interest rates when lending to private individuals.

Pay Your Bills on Time – But Not Early – With Invoice Factoring

It is an old, bill-paying habit many people have acquired over the years to help them make sure they pay their bills on time. By paying their bills as soon as they arrive in the mail or email inbox, they are ensuring the bill gets paid in a timely fashion without incurring the additional costs of those price late fees. By delaying, the payer runs the risk of forgetting to pay the bill.

Get a Clean Financial Slate with Janitorial Services Factoring

If you are like most people, you probably don’t take the time to think much about the cleanliness of a business or store you happen to venture into. If something is a mess or emits a foul-smelling odor, then you might notice it. But most of us take it for granted that the businesses and offices we visit will be clean and sanitary.

Alternative Lenders Issuing More Small Business Loans

Small business loans, at least the ones issued from a corporate or even neighborhood bank, aren’t as easy to come by as they used to be. Though lending may be on the rise from 2008 when all loans for small businesses plummeted due to the bank and economic collapse, it remains flat. Many small businesses, particularly those that have yet to establish themselves, are not able to get these long term loans the way small businesses used to a decade or so ago.