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Payroll Financing Helps Businesses Meet Staffing Demands

The month of November in 2014 was one of the best months for hiring of recent record, and from the numbers, the growth looks to be more than temporary hiring help. Industry experts are now saying that the entire year of 2014 exceeded hiring expectations, and November has proven to be the best month yet.

Freight Factoring Keeps Truckers on the Move

Our latest infographic provides a breakdown of how freight factoring helps trucking companies. Freight factoring provides steady cash flow to cover the many costs related to the transportation industry.

The State of the Economy for Small Business Financing in 2015

Every January starts off with bold New Year’s resolutions and even bolder New Year predictions, and 2015 is no different. Though your new year predictions may depend on whether you are an optimist, pessimist or realist, economics and industry experts across the nation have their own predictions to share about the year ahead.

Meet Your New Year’s Resolutions with Alternative Financing

Now that 2015 is upon us and like most business owners, you have probably put together some new year’s resolutions to improve businesses process and procedures for the next 12 months. After all, making positive changes is what the New Year is all about. Here are a few ways alternative financing can help make your new year’s resolutions come true:

Get a New Financial Outlook in the New Year

Depending on your industry, the month of December can be crazy busy with high volume sales and managing all that inventory. On the other hand, if your business isn’t in retail, wholesaling, distribution or manufacturing, business can be dreadfully slow. Yet these relaxed periods can be perfect for planning – financially and otherwise — for the year ahead. Ending the year by tying up any loose ends and laying out an operational roadmap for the year ahead is just smart business.

Oil and Gas Financing to Support Next Step in Pipeline Construction

The much-discussed Keystone XL oil pipeline recently hit a setback when the Senate voted to not approve its Canada-to-Gulf construction. Though the House voted to pass it a few weeks earlier, it missed the Senate vote by only one. Many with an interest in the Keystone XL pipeline construction project recognize the Senate vote as a setback but believe the project will be built one way or another. Besides political issues, a wide number of regulatory and financing issues also need to be addressed before the pipeline can be built.

Oil and Gas Funding Needed for Colorado Shale Oil Excavation

Hidden deep underground, shale oil and gas deposits are being discovered all across the country from Texas and Wyoming to the Utica Shale reserve in eastern Ohio and into Pennsylvania. Now Colorado’s Weld County has recently announced its own recent finding of a colossal shale oil and gas reserve called Niobrara that is worth potentially billions of dollars.

Production Companies Seek New Sources of Oil and Gas Project Financing

The oil and gas sector is not for the risk adverse, and that goes for the industry itself as well as for the oil and gas financing institutions that support it. The subject of risk, among other topics, was brought to light at the recent Platts Pipeline Development and Expansion conference in Houston.

Business Factors & Finance Responds to Call for New Sources of Oil and Gas Funding

Platts Pipeline Development and Expansion Conference Proclaims Alternative Oil and Gas Financing Needed to Support Infrastructure, Pipeline Development and Transportation

Redondo Beach, CA — December 11, 2014, via PR WEB — Business Factors & Finance, an invoice factoring company that specializes in freight & oil and gas factoring services across the nation, has earmarked funds for oil and gas financing in direct response to the recent Platts Pipeline Development and Expansion Conference held in Houston this last quarter.

Factoring to Help with Holiday Cash Flow Slump

The holidays are officially here and December marks boom-time for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and resellers in terms of sales. Of course, that’s a good thing, and for some businesses holiday sales account for half or more of their annual revenue.