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Pay Your Bills on Time – But Not Early – With Invoice Factoring

It is an old, bill-paying habit many people have acquired over the years to help them make sure they pay their bills on time. By paying their bills as soon as they arrive in the mail or email inbox, they are ensuring the bill gets paid in a timely fashion without incurring the additional costs of those price late fees. By delaying, the payer runs the risk of forgetting to pay the bill.

Get a Clean Financial Slate with Janitorial Services Factoring

If you are like most people, you probably don’t take the time to think much about the cleanliness of a business or store you happen to venture into. If something is a mess or emits a foul-smelling odor, then you might notice it. But most of us take it for granted that the businesses and offices we visit will be clean and sanitary.

Alternative Lenders Issuing More Small Business Loans

Small business loans, at least the ones issued from a corporate or even neighborhood bank, aren’t as easy to come by as they used to be. Though lending may be on the rise from 2008 when all loans for small businesses plummeted due to the bank and economic collapse, it remains flat. Many small businesses, particularly those that have yet to establish themselves, are not able to get these long term loans the way small businesses used to a decade or so ago.

Business Loan Regulation Under the Microscope

Years ago, a small business owner may have been able to go to his neighborhood bank, fill out some paperwork, and receive that small business financing they were seeking. A handshake and some perfunctory assessment of the business’s history and financials were all that was needed to secure a small business loan.

Exporting Crude? Oil and Gas Financing May Help Make This Possible

During the 1970s, motorists waited in long lines at the pump to refill their large, gas guzzlers. Restrictions were enacted at the time to limit gas consumption because of short supply.

Telecom Financing and Development: What’s Old Becomes New Again

Telecommunications funding has never been a cheap or low expense industry. Many years ago cable companies and those in telecommunications had to come up with telecom funding to cover the enormous costs of installing and laying down copper cable lines. Such telecommunications funding would also have to cover the costs of digging up the ground, the materials themselves, labor, payroll and local permits to pay for such endeavors.

Recent Changes to SBA Aim to Increase Number of Business Loan Applications

Applying for a traditional small business loan from a corporate bank has never been an easy task. The applicant has to fill out a lengthy application, undergo a credit check, submit a business plan, and answer a myriad of other questions regarding the past, present and future plans of the business.

Businesses Choose Factoring Services for Every Season

Many businesses sputter along in the summer making June, July and August the longest months of the year indeed to business owners and managers. Yet the stagnation of sales during those long summer months doesn’t have to be such a downer. With a little planning and proper cash flow and revenue forecasting that takes into account seasonal peaks and valleys, summertime can be a productive – and recuperative – time of year for your business and your employees.

Choose Commercial Landscaping AR Factoring to Improve Your Cash Flow

Few businesses or industries are immune to cash flow problems from time to time. Yet industries with seasonal business cycles such as commercial landscaping and maintenance are more prone to cash flow issues than others. Equipment and materials costs, expensive payroll costs, fuel costs and competition are high. The worst part is you will probably have to pay these costs well in advance of actually collecting payment from your customers. Commercial landscaping can be very competitive and customers routinely pay on 45- or 60-day terms.

Factoring Services to Help Your Seasonal Landscaping Business

Summer time can be slow time for many businesses and industries. Yet for those in commercial landscaping sector, it can often be one of the busiest times of year. Property managers and business owners regularly seek to improve their properties’ exterior during climate weather periods. For those in the hotel, hospitality and vacation industry, landscaping and maintenance work really increases during this time. Manicured lawns and verdures are a vital component to the success of these industries and they are very well aware of it.