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Oil and Gas Funding Needed for Colorado Shale Oil Excavation

Hidden deep underground, shale oil and gas deposits are being discovered all across the country from Texas and Wyoming to the Utica Shale reserve in eastern Ohio and into Pennsylvania. Now Colorado’s Weld County has recently announced its own recent finding of a colossal shale oil and gas reserve called Niobrara that is worth potentially billions of dollars.

Production Companies Seek New Sources of Oil and Gas Project Financing

The oil and gas sector is not for the risk adverse, and that goes for the industry itself as well as for the oil and gas financing institutions that support it. The subject of risk, among other topics, was brought to light at the recent Platts Pipeline Development and Expansion conference in Houston.

Business Factors & Finance Responds to Call for New Sources of Oil and Gas Funding

Platts Pipeline Development and Expansion Conference Proclaims Alternative Oil and Gas Financing Needed to Support Infrastructure, Pipeline Development and Transportation

Redondo Beach, CA — December 11, 2014, via PR WEB — Business Factors & Finance, an invoice factoring company that specializes in freight & oil and gas factoring services across the nation, has earmarked funds for oil and gas financing in direct response to the recent Platts Pipeline Development and Expansion Conference held in Houston this last quarter.

Factoring to Help with Holiday Cash Flow Slump

The holidays are officially here and December marks boom-time for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and resellers in terms of sales. Of course, that’s a good thing, and for some businesses holiday sales account for half or more of their annual revenue.

Use Invoice Factoring Services to Get Ahead of Holiday Demand

While the holiday season seems to get its start early and early every year, successful small business owners have always known that having a profitable quarter is largely dependent on proper planning in the months ahead. If you have not already done so, now is the time to start getting ready for the holiday sales boost.

Lesser Known Small Business Financing Options for Veterans

With Veteran’s Day and National Veterans Small Business Week occurring earlier this month, now is the right time to talk about alternative small business financing options available to U.S. armed services members.

Secure Payroll Financing Even When You Think You Can’t Afford It

If your business depends on a dramatic boost in revenues from the holiday season, then you know now is the time to get ready and prepare. Many such companies know they need to hire seasonal employees but hesitate to do so because the cost of payroll financing can seem overwhelming.

Tesla Battery Factory Is a Win for Reno & Small Business Financing

The biggest little city in the world is slated to host the biggest not-so-little battery factory in the world, and area residents, business owners, and government officials couldn’t be more charged. The construction of this mega factory is expected to have a rippling positive economic impact, directly and indirectly, for businesses in the Northwestern Nevada region and beyond.

IT Factoring Provides Steady Way of Getting Cash

Many owners of technology companies get starry-eyed when it comes to small business financing because they think of high profile venture capitalist funding. Though this sort of overly idealized small business funding may get a lot of press and media attention, the reality is that securing such funding is rare and out of reach for most small businesses — even those in high tech.

New FICO Formula May Help Those Seeking Long Term Loans

In order to qualify for a term loan, the lending institution or bank will run a thorough credit check on the applicant to determine the FICO score. Those who have too much debt, or a history of paying their bills late, can have a low FICO score.